Conference Speakers

Batteries and supercapacitors

Yury Gogotsi
Drexel University, USA
Topic: Electrochemical Energy Storage with 2D Carbides
and Nitrides (MXenes)

Shirley Meng
University of California San Diego, USA
Topic: Batteries and Supercapacitors


Catalytic materials and water splitting

Judy Cha
Yale University, USA
Topic: Catalytic materials for sustainable energy

Kazunari Domen
University of Tokyo, Japan
Topic: Photocatalytic water splitting for large scale solar
hydrogen production


Light emitting materials and devices

Hanwei Gao
Florida State University, USA
Topic: Hybrid Halide Perovskites for Next-Generation
Optoelectronics – Opportunities and Challenges


Maria Antonietta Loi
University of Groningen, Netherlands
Topic: Light emitting materials and devices

Solar cells and photodetectors

Kylie Catchpole
Australian National University, Australia
Topic: Perovskites for high-efficiency solar cells and solar hydrogen


Martin Green
University of New South Wales, Australia
Topic: How cheap can solar photovoltaics become?


Thermoelectric materials

Maria Ibanez
Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
Topic: Thermoelectric materials


Anke Weidenkaff
Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
Topic: Thermoelectric materials


Sensing and environmental
monitoring systems

Elisabetta Comini
Universita degli Studi di Brescia, Italy
Topic: Metal oxides nanostructures: achievements and advances
in chemical sensing


Sotiris Pratsinis
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Topic: Sensing and environmental monitoring systems