Alberi, Kirstin Tailoring Heterovalent Interface Formation with Light
Bagot, Paul An Atom Probe Tomography and STEM-EDX study of interfaces in a Cu-doped TiNiSn thermoelectric material
Barbiellini, Bernardo Visualizing redox orbitals and their potentials in advanced lithium-ion battery materials using high-resolution x-ray Compton scattering
Blank, Maïté Systematic study of thermal boundary conductance at metal/Si interfaces
Brugge, Rowena Moisture Reactivity in Garnet Electrolytes for Solid State Batteries: Revealing the Chemical Degradation and its Impact on the Li-Ion Dynamics
Burton, Lee Predicting epitaxial thin-film phases accessible through strain engineering
Caliste, Damien Modelling the solid electrolyte interphase on graphite anode in lithium ion-batteries
Carey, John Polaronic self-trapping at anatase TiO2 surfaces
Cavallaro, Andrea Quantification of the strain effect on the strontium segregation in SrCo0.95Sb0.05O3-δ epitaxial thin films
Chiara, Alessandro X-ray microspectroscopy for the study of the electrolyte-cathode interface in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Chotorlishvili, Levan Thermal energy harvesting using nanoscale magnetoelectrics oxides
Cooper, Samuel Simulating the impedance of diffusive transport in porous media for energy applications
de Boor, Johannes Towards magnesium-silicide based thermoelectric generators: contact development for n- and p-type Mg2X (X=Si,Sn)
Fenwick, Oliver Thermal conductivity and Kapitza resistance of methylammonium lead iodide thin films
Flanagan, Liam Quantify the ionic resistance of solid-solid interfaces in SOFC materials
Griffith, Kent Mechanisms of High-Rate Li Intercalation and Implications for Solid-State Batteries
Groh, Matthias Formation of Solid Solutions of LiFePO4 and Li3+xSixP1−xO4 during Spark Plasma Sintering
Gutiérrez, Marina Crystallinity of alumina-diamond interface in MOSFET devices
Harper, Angela Ab Initio Prediction of Metal Phosphide Anode Materials for Lithium and Beyond Lithium Batteries
Hodkinson, Jack Diffusion Pathways in Alkali Lanthanide Pyrosilicates, A3LnSi2O7
Hong, Seungbum Effect of Nanopatterning on Mechanical Properties of Lithium Anode
Hope, Michael Using Solid-State NMR to Investigate Surfaces and Interfaces
Ju, Shenghong Tuning Heat Transport by Surface and Interface Roughness via Materials Informatics
Julie Thue Jensen, Ingvild Band gaps and band alignment in ZnO/Cu2O heterojunctions and compositionally graded ZnCdO
Karasulu, Bora Towards all Solid-State Batteries: Exploring Electrode/Electrolyte Interfaces with Ab Initio Modelling
Kawale, Shrikant LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 as Cathode for All Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries
Kaya, Pinar Effect of Interstitial Oxygen on Thermoelectric Properties in La2-xSrxCuO4+δ
Leistner, Karin Magneto-ionic interface effects in liquid electrolyte-gated FeOx/Fe nanostructures
Li, Kexue 3D-characterization of Cl and Se distributions at interfaces in CdSeTe solar cells using high-resolution SIMS
Li, Meicheng Interface Modification and Structure Design of Perovskite Solar Cells
Maritato, Luigi Comparison between the layering and doping induced effects on the normal and superconductive states of infinite-layer electron-doped cuprates
Maritato, Luigi Interaface diffusion in Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95 thin layers on crystalline substrates for Solid Oxide Cells applications
Miller, David The nucleation and growth of Ni nanoparticles from La0.8Ce0.1Ni0.4Ti0.6O3.
Morris, Andrew First Principles Modelling of Solid-State Battery Interfaces via High-Throughput Computation
Orgiani, Pasquale Enabling Direct-ARPES experiments on thin films and heterostructures grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Ou, Canlin Flexible Printed Thermoelectric Nanogenerators Based on Hybrid Materials
Papaioannou, Evangelos Demonstration of chemistry at a point through restructuring and catalytic activation at anchored nanoparticles
Patel, Shane Predicting Interfacial Structures Using the Minima Hopping Method
Payne, Julia In-situ Thermal Battery Discharge using NiS2 as a Cathode Material
Pesci, Federico Electrochemical and chemical analysis of dendrites formation in Al- and Ga- doped Li7La3Zr2O12
Podila, Ramakrishna Engineered Current Collector Active Material Interface (CCAMI) for High Energy Density Li-ion Batteries
Riis, Henrik Characterization of Cu/ZnSb interfaces
Schusteritsch, Georg Predicting the atomic structure of interfaces and extended defects using Ab Initio Random Structure Searching
Silva, Rui A facile and binder-free synthesis of VA-N-doped CNTs@Mn3O4 core-shell hybrid arrays as electrodes materials for supercapacitor
Speulmanns, Jan Ultrathin lithium ion diffusion barrier for on-chip 3D all-solid-state batteries
Stein, Wolfgang Multi Process Thin Film Deposition and complex Sample Preparation Cycle under protected Atmosphere – a flexible Solution for Materials in Battery Research
Strelcov, Evgheni Direct probing of the potential distribution in a working all-solid-state Li-ion battery
Suyolcu, Eren Dopant Size Effects on High-temperature Interface Superconductivity in La2CuO4 Bilayers
Teeter, Glenn Electrochemical AES Mapping and operando XPS Measurements of SEI Formation and Evolution in Li2S-P2S5 Solid-State Electrolytes
Wollschläger, Joachim Well-ordered ultrathin transition metal ferrite films due to interdiffusion of oxide bilayers – structural, electronic and magnetic properties
Yatoo, Musasir Interface optimisation for Ruddlesden-Popper phases as SOFC Cathode
Zhang, Bowen Preparation and characterization of large-area freestanding oxide thin films
Zhao, Ying Modeling and assessment of composite cathode in all-solid-state batteries
Zhu, Bonan Interfaces in vertically aligned nanocomposites for enhanced ionic conduction – A computational study

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