Alderfer, Laura Early Prediction of Preeclampsia using Maternal Exosomal miRNA Secreted by Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells
Battista, Edmondo Circulating viral microRNA optical detection by microgel-based assay: target selection, probe design, microgel development and assay set-up
Battista, Edmondo Engineering Hydrogel Microparticles by Microfluidics for Nucleic Acids Detection
Chen, Qinhua Ultrasensitive aptasensor strategies for the epithelial cell adhesion molecule by using target-driven toehold-mediated DNA recycling amplification
Ellis, Bradley Human iPSC derived myocardium on chip with capillary-like flow for personalized therapy
Isik Can, Uryan Electrophysiological monitoring of human cardiac cells for disease modeling
Kim, Seokmin Development of highly sensitive DNA microarray biochip using glancing angle deposition
Kumar, Nilay Single cell analysis of oscillatory Ca+2 signaling in epithelial cells
Lee, Hyomin dCas9-mediated Optical Detection of Target Gene based on Ion Concentration Polarization
Men, Yongfan Droplet Digital PCR Reaction Enabled by Microfluidic Printing
Moore, Jordan Novel Non-Viral Approaches for Gene Delivery to Peripheral Nerves
Walters, Nicole Neutrophil Swarming on-a-chip for Characterization of Collective Cell Migration and Early Stages of Inflammation
Yue, Xiaoshan Stromal Cell-Laden 3D Hydrogel Microwell Arrays as Tumor Microenvironment Model for Studying Stiffness Dependent Stromal Cell-Cancer Interactions
Zhang, Chenuang On-Chip Isolation and Separation of Exosomes by Gel-Electrophoresis

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